• Over 30 Years of Experience
    Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Professional Tree Care
    Professional Tree Care
  • Earthworks and Vegetation Management
    Earthworks and Vegetation Management
  • Environmental Rehabilitation and Restoration Management
    Environmental Rehabilitation and Restoration Management

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How Safe Are Your Trees

On site consultancy. Call us today and book an appointment to have your trees professionally viewed and assessed.

We will walk and talk you through best practices for managing your trees for their location and health. For your peace of mind, book a consultation with our qualified arborists today.

  • Tree Consultancy
  • Tree Protection Zone
  • Building near trees?

Let ArborCare Queensland help you protect your vegetation assets through your building process to Australian Standard AS4970 ‘Protection of trees on construction sites’

Professional Pruning Services
ArborCare Queensland operates to the Australian Standard AS4373 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’

We can correctly prune your trees back from buildings or lift canopies for access. ArborCare Queensland will achieve the result you are looking for and provide pruning that is sustainable for the long term and ensure that they are safely managed.
We chip all debris into valuable mulch for your garden and it is yours for free. Or we will remove any unwanted chippings from site at no cost.
Got the Wrong Tree in the wrong spot?
ArborCare Queensland staff are professionally trained in advanced transplanting procedures that can tackle any situation successfully and we are insured. We have experience with moving trees from 5kg to 50 tons

Peace of mind
ArborCare Queensland will provide you with a current copy of our Insurance Certificate of currencies before we start work.

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