• Over 30 Years of Experience
    Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Professional Tree Care
    Professional Tree Care
  • Earthworks and Vegetation Management
    Earthworks and Vegetation Management
  • Environmental Rehabilitation and Restoration Management
    Environmental Rehabilitation and Restoration Management

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Bush Regeneration, Revegetation & Weed Control

Our team of highly qualified bush regenerators have experience in completing regeneration, revegetation and weed control across SEQ and beyond. We have the capacity to assist you in both small and large scale regeneration works across a variety of terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Bush Regeneration and Weed Control
We currently work with local councils, utilities, state and federal government, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS), private landholders and NGOs to provide bush regeneration service in a variety of different environments. We have over 30 years of experience working in public open spaces, environmental parks and reserves, National Parks, road reserves, agricultural lots and private lots.

ArborCare Queensland works with our clients to enhance and improve the natural resilience of landscapes and environments in order to allow ecological systems and landscapes to better cope with natural pressures and stress and minimise the risk of weed establishment and invasion. Our bush regeneration and weed control services include:

  • Biological methods of weed control
  • Manual, mechanical and chemical methods of weed control
  • Thermal methods of weed control
  • Organic certified methods of weed control
  • Assisted regeneration works
  • Seed ball dispersal enhancing

Bush Regeneration - Rope Access
Through innovation and systems development ArborCare Queensland has become a leader in providing bush regeneration in vertical areas on headlands and escarpment regions along the Sunshine Coast. Our team of highly qualified bush regenerators have the capacity to work in difficult terrain that requires ropes access completing weed control and revegetation works to meet your project goals.

ArborCare Queensland has over 30 years’ experience in planting and revegetating native bushland reserves, wetlands and riparian corridors, sensitive coastal dunes as well as open and closed eucalypt and sub-tropical rainforests.

ArborCare Queensland plants locally sourced native tubestock and seed and provides ongoing maintenance, watering and weed control over the term of the project until all plants are successfully established. We provide revegetation works for all your needs including (but not limited too):

  • Revegetation within a diverse array of aquatic and terrestrial environemtns
  • Mining and quarry rehabilitation
  • Constructed wetlands and WSUD systems
  • Soil and errosion control and bank stabilisation
  • Landscaping, gardening and natural amenity enhancement
  • Bank stabilisation in riparian corridors and wetlands

An alternative cost-effective method of revegetation currently under trials is the use of seed balls to distribute seed across a variety of environments to compliment natural regeneration in areas with poor soils and/or where natural seeding species have reduced success at germination.

Seed Dispersal - Seed Ball Distribution
ArborCare Queensland uses local native seed with a combination of organic compounds, fertilisers and natural clays (collected from local sites) to distribute native seed and naturally promote assisted revegetation. Through the creation and distribution of native seed in this manner, we provide a low-cost alternative to assisted regeneration in your local area.